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This is a call to all dads out there to take a moment and work on your leadership practices in the home!

Make sure to go to Michael Hyatt’s blog today and read the guest post by Dave Stone who is the Pastor of one of the largest church’s in the country, Southeast Christian Church. He is the author of, Building Family Ties with Faith, Love and Laughter. You can also register to win a free copy of the book.

Go read!

Then go lead!

At home!

Suzy Welch
Best-selling author, television commentator, and noted business journalist

  • In response to an interviewer who she knew when she was 23 who keep describing how she was back in the day she commented: “Stop this interview! I am not that girl any more! I have moved on! I am a different person from that young girl you knew back then. And I am not yet the woman I will become!”
  • This is the cause of great rejoicing
  • We are not finished product
  • This can be a source of panic as well.
  • I want to change but I can’t….

We get stuck on journey of who we used to be on the way to who we want to become!

Answer 3 simple questions

  • I used to make Gut and Guilt decisions, reaction decisions.
  • We have to use our brains, we must stop just reacting!
  • You have to take charge, be proactive, take hold of my decisions.
  • You cannot be reactive for long without failure.
  • When making decisions think about consequences in terms of how it will impact things in 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years.
  • It is not only about slowing down, it is about opening up and making your decision-making process more deliberate.
  • This changed how I made my decisions, it has worked and I have become more successful in all areas of my life since I started doing this.

10-10-10 works so well because it connects your decisions to your values!

  • You must coordinate your decisions with your values.
  • Your values are your fingerprint!
  • Your values are very specific to who you are.
  • Your values define how you want to live, the legacy you want to leave and the character and lifestyle you want to live.
  • Your is Legacy is what you want to leave!

Question #1Your Legacy: What would make you cry at your 70th birthday party with regret?

  • This help identifies the legacy you will leave.
  • What will your legacy look like?
  • You have to know what your values are in order to know what you want your legacy to be.

Question #2-Your Character: What do you want people to say about you and your character when you are not when you are in the room?

Question #3What did you love about your upbringing? & What did you hate about your upbringing?

  •  It is hard to talk about what we don’t like but it is important to think about and recognize those issues as well.
  • We need to understand what we didn’t like because we tend to mimic the things that we don’t like about our upbringing.
  • We need to acknowledge and work not to repeat the same things with our families.

When you start doing this you start living authentic!

  • Authentic living is enjoyable and you share.
  • The upside is amazing!
  • I am not the girl you used to know but I am on the journey to who I am going to become.
  • In order to make good decisions you must connect decision-making to your values.

One of my favorite leadership events of the year is the Chick-fil-A Leadercast put on by GiANT Impact. It is always an awesome time of learning from some of the world’s top leaders. It is inspirational, motivational, encouraging and mentally stimulating to sit and learn from those who have taken leadership to the highest levels.

You can check out some examples of what you will be hearing from the 2010 event here: 2010 Chick-fil-A Leadercast

The event will be broadcast at hundreds of sites around the world. Find a location near you by going here: Chick-fil-A Leadercast

History of Event:

Here is a brief history of the event taken from the event web site:

The Chick-fil-A Leadercast began like most great ideas do: with an innovative leader and a simple vision.

That leader is John C. Maxwell, and his vision was to create a different kind of leadership conference. One that was affordable and open to leaders from every background. One that gave individuals and organizations the chance to gather in their own communities, build relationships with each other and grow as leaders.

It wasn’t long before that vision became a reality, and in 2000, the Maximum Impact Simulcast was born. The first Maximum Impact Simulcast was a simple half-day, classroom style event with John Maxwell as the sole presenter. It has since grown into a full-day experiential conference with a number of world-class leaders speaking about the leadership principles that matter most.

In 2007, GiANT Impact acquired Maximum Impact, John Maxwell’s company that produced the Maximum Impact Simulcast. Like Maximum Impact, GiANT Impact’s focus is on developing leaders at all levels, and its values and philosophies align with those of John Maxwell. GiANT Impact began producing the Maximum Impact Simulcast upon acquiring the company.

In 2009, GiANT Impact began partnering with Chick-fil-A to develop leaders. Yes, Chick-fil-A is a quick-service chicken restaurant chain, and most customers are more familiar with their great food and customer service than they are with the company’s leadership legacy. What many don’t know is that Chick-fil-A credits its success to its core values and its focus on developing leaders. Chick-fil-A is passionate about supporting organizations’ and individuals’ efforts to grow their leadership potential.

The milestone partnership with Chick-fil-A prompted GiANT Impact to look to the future with even bigger dreams and a few other exciting changes, which included the name Leadercast.

Leadercast represents the growth of this leadership event and communicates GiANT’s responsibility to help you cast a vision of leadership in your organization and your community. Leadercast also supports John Maxwell’s original vision of developing leaders by partnering with fellow leadership organizations, host locations and attendees. Chick-fil-A is now one of the key organizations helping GiANT Impact live out John’s vision.

In 2010, GiANT Impact celebrated the tenth anniversary of what is now known as Chick-fil-A Leadercast and what has grown into the premier leadership development event for leadership growth at all levels.

The 2010 Chick-fil-A Leadercast marked many other successes as well:

  • The event was the No. 2 trending topic of the day on Twitter.
  • The live Leadercast site in Atlanta sold out, with more than 2,000 leaders in attendance.
  • Leaders in 13 countries around the world engaged in the one-day event.
  • The event was featured on over 30 million Chick-fil-A cups.

We hope you’ll take part in the May 6, 2011, Chick-fil-A Leadercast, as over 70,000 leaders from around the world get inspired to articulate and demonstrate the power of change through positive leadership.

The Chick-fil-A Leadercast 2011 features a lineup of world-renowned leaders, speaking straight to your community, team or organization. Click the links below to learn more about each leader:

Voices of Influence

Seth GodinSeth Godin
Entrepreneur, Marketing Expert, & Best-Selling Author of 12 Books Including “Linchpin”

John MaxwellJohn Maxwell
Leadership Expert & Best-Selling Author of The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Voices of Purpose

Mack BrownMack Brown
Head Coach of the Texas Longhorns, 2009 Big 12 Coach of the Year

Suzy WelchSuzy Welch
Best-selling author, television commentator, and noted business journalist

Voices of Hope

Erin GruwellErin Gruwell
Founder & President of Freedom Writers Foundation

Alison LevineAlison Levine
Team Captain, 1st American Women’s Everest Expedition and adjunct professor at the United States Military Academy

Voices of Service

Muhtar KentMuhtar Kent
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company

Dan CathyDan Cathy
President & COO of Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Dave RamseyDave Ramsey
Personal money-management expert, national radio personality, and best-selling author of The Total Money Makeover

Voices of Innovation

Frans JohanssonFrans Johansson
Best-selling author of The Medici Effect

Sir Ken RobinsonSir Ken Robinson
Best-Selling Author & Leader in the Development of Creativity, Innovation & Human Resources

If you want to take your leadership to the next level watch this video and download the free e-book by Michael Hyatt.

He has put together a great free tool for you to take your life to a new level if you will follow his prescription.

The title of the book is, “Creating Your Personal Life Plan”. The book is born out of his life experience and coaching he received at a critical point in his life when he found himself with a life out of balance and in need of recalibrating. At that point in his life he was living a reactionary life style vs. an intentional life style. He had the look of being successful on the outside with a career on the rise but a look beneath the surface there was a man who was working too many hours and endangering his health with the frantic life style.

He made a wise decision to ask for help and coaching and what he learned and has experienced he now freely shares with all of us so that we may benefit from his journey.

He rightly states that “most people spend more time planning a one week vacation than they planning do their life.”

Take a look…

Here is the link:

One of my favorite speakers and authors over the years has been Zig Ziglar. I have had the privilege to hear him speak on numerous occasions over the years. Nearly twenty years ago I had the great opportunity to be a member of his Sunday School class for several years at First Baptist Church Dallas, TX. He is a wonderful student and teacher of the Bible.

He is an author of numerous books including See You At The Top.  My favorite two books of his are the autobiography,  Zig: The Autobiography of Zig Ziglar and Courtship After Marriage. The autobiography tells the wonderful story of his life and what he overcame to get where he is today. There are some great lessons about life, family, faith and perseverance. Courtship provides some great lessons on having a great marriage for a lifetime.

I have learned a lot from him over the years and here are some of my favorite quotes.

Look back in forgiveness, forward in hope, down in compassion, and up with gratitude.

  • Some people find fault like there is a reward for it.
  • If you will pump long enough, hard enough, and enthusiastically enough, sooner or later the effort will bring forth the reward.
  • We cannot build our lives around what might happen tomorrow.
  • Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.

One of the greatest disasters of our time is our universal acceptance of the word “tolerance” as a great virtue.

  • Inspect to make sure you get what you expect.
  • The height of man’s success is determined by the depth of his belief.
  • When we do more than we are paid for, eventually we will be paid more for what we do.
  • What you do off the job is the determining factor in how far you will go on the job.

Possibly the greatest waste in life is the gap between what you are and what you could become.

  • The way you see life will largely determine what you will get out of it.
  • The next time you encounter a difficult obstacle or problem, you should smile and say, “Here’s my chance to grow.”
  • “Success is not a destination, it’s a journey – it’s the direction in which you are traveling.”

If you found any of these inspirational pick up one of his many books and follow his son on twitter  @tomziglar to see more of Zig’s wisdom and insight into great leadership.

After the recent passing of John Wooden I was reflecting upon the legacy this incredible man left in his wake. The legacy goes way beyond winning championships. John Wooden’s life is a powerful example of servant leadership and the power of investing your life in the lives of others so that they may become successful.

Watching all the stories about his life and the impact he had on so many lives through the years is an inspiration to us all. He was first of all a Christ follower who preached his sermons with the integrity of his life lived before all who knew him. His humble servant attitude despite all his accomplishments is a great example for all of us to follow.

Recently I posted a summary of his 21 Secrets to Great Leadership as revealed by one of his former players,  Andrew Hill.  As I reflected back on reading this book today I thought of how great a testimony of John Wooden this book actually is. Andrew Hill is not a household name to most sports fan like Bill Walton or Kareem among others that Wooden coached over the years, but he is one of John Wooden’s former players. A player who never played a great deal during the dynasty years, but who learned far more sitting on the bench than he ever fully realized until years later. Andrew has become successful in life and career and he attributes the foundation of his success to the leadership lessons learned while playing for Wooden.’s book review sums up the story very nicely here:

“John Wooden was named ESPN’s Coach of the Century for the way he led his UCLA basketball team to the top of the sporting world in the 1960s and ’70s. Andrew Hill was a rebellious and sparingly used reserve on the squad before becoming a successful television executive. While it’s doubtful that either would have predicted it at the time, the lessons imparted on the court by Wooden eventually helped Hill reach the top of his profession. And in Be Quick–but Don’t Hurry, named for one of the legendary coach’s ubiquitous aphorisms, the now-grateful protégé translates that sage advice into 21 “secrets” that may help others realize similar accomplishments. Like the title, the counsel can usually be boiled down into short expressions that are deceptively simple. Examples include “Focus on effort, not winning,” “Balance is EVERYTHING,” “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail,” and “The team with the best players almost always wins.” To show their relevance and power, Hill fleshes them out with solid examples from the hardwood as well as the business world. And with the track record Wooden has compiled, who are we not to take them seriously?”Howard Rothman

I am re-posting these 21 Secrets to Great Leadership from an earlier blog. Check them out and then pick up the book for a great example of how investing in the lives of others can create a legacy far greater than winning championships.

John Wooden’s 21 Secrets to Great Leadership

Be Quick-But Don’t Hurry

Andrew Hill & John Wooden

Secret #1: The Team With The Best Players Almost Always Wins

Secret #2: Be Quick-But Don’t Hurry

Secret #3: Focus On Effort, Not Winning

Secret #4: Keep It Simple

Secret #5: Make Your “Yes” Mean Yes

Secret #6: Balance Is Everything

Secret #7: A Good Leader is First & Foremost, A Teacher

Secret #8: Game Time Is When The Coach’s Job Is almost Over

Secret #9: A Great Leader Cannot Worry About Being Well Liked

Secret #10: Great Leaders Give Credit To Others, But Accept The Blame Themselves

Secret #11: Seek Consistency—Avoid Peaks & Valleys

Secret #12: Fairness Is Giving All People The Treatment They Earn & Deserve

Secret #13: The Team That Makes The Most Mistakes…Wins!

Secret #14: Surround Yourself With Strong, Opinionated People

Secret #15: Teamwork Is Not A Preference, It’s A Necessity

Secret #16: Rules Are Made To Be Followed, Not Broken

Secret #17: Concentrate On Your Team, Not The Opposition

Secret #18: Adjust To Your Players—Don’t Expect Them All To Adjust To You

Secret #19: Failing To Prepare is Preparing To Fail

Secret #20: Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Secret #21: Be Honest, Direct, & Willing To Risk It All For Your Beliefs

  1. Talent is God-given be thankful, praise is man given be gracious, conceit is self-given be careful. Tony Dung
  2. Personal life impacts business life, perhaps more than anything else in your life. Connie Podesta
  3. Failure always teaches us more than just studying success. Jim Collins
  4. You will become known for the problems you solve! Steve Uzzell
  5. People underestimate the actual control they have during turbulent times. Ed Bastian
  6. Leaders don’t tell a better story, they make a story better! Mark Sanborn
  7. If you take care of your employees your employees will take care of you. Ed Bastian
  8. Look for the bright spots and copy them! Chip Heath
  9. Hubris (outrageous arrogance) born of success is first step to down fall. Jim Collins
  10. If no one accepts your excuses, then you stop using them, start finding solutions. Dr. Ben Carson
  11. You must demand responsibility, but balance with the understanding that I am here to help you achieve our goals, I am here to help make you successful. Tony Dungy
  12. Character is revealed when what you had planned is so far from your current reality that you can hardly breath, this is when you are revealed for who you truly are at the core. Connie Podesta
  13. You must learn or languish, no matter how bad the circumstances. Mark Sanborn
  14. Success is using talent God has given you to elevate other people! Dr. Ben Carson
  15. Connecting=ability to identify with and relate to people in such a way that it increases our influence with them! John Maxwell
  16. Multitasking gives you opportunity to screw up more than one thing at same time! Steve Uzzell
  17. To be good teacher you must be good learner. Steve Uzzell
  18. Connectors find common ground. John Maxwell
  19. Outcomes/Results are not tied to circumstances. Jim Collins
  20. Outcomes are based on our choices. Jim Collins
  21. All great institutions are built on a purpose beyond making money, they are built on a set of core purposes that sustain you during the ups and downs. Jim Collins
  22. Many times you must have perseverance, you must stay the course, even when you don’t think you are having an impact you will look back some day and realize how you impacted others, how much you influenced their lives in a good way. Tony Dungy
  23. Your life is your speech, you life tells your story, it paints a picture for all those around you to see each day. Connie Podesta
  24. I don’t believe in political correctness, I believe it is a very destructive force in our culture today. Dr. Ben Carson
  25. There is a part of us is in love with our current comfort. Chip Heath

Steve Uzzell
Award-winning corporate photographer and former staff member of National Geographic

Problem Solving & The Open Road

  • Curiosity is so much more powerful than observing the obvious.
  • We all do the same things no matter what it says on our business cards.

We all are involved in the innovate use of the problem solving process.

  • Best place to solve a problem is on the open road!
  • Why does an open road open your mind?

The Spirit of the Open Road

  • The Open Road allows you to take a step away from your immediate world, yet gives you a visual point to concentrate on.

Multitasking gives you opportunity to screw up more than one thing at same time!

  • Very act seeking sets something off in us that inspires our problem solving juices.

Make all preparations necessary!

You better know where you are going, if you don’t where you are going any road will get you there.

  • Quickest way to learn where you are going is to question everything who, what when, where, why and how.
  • Question even what you think you already know!

Chance favors the prepared mind

  • Preparation lays the ground for magic to happen.
  • Your mind will only take in what you are prepared to receive.
  • Chance, preparation, & magic combine together to solve problems.

Are you sure?

  • This question takes information and turns it into knowledge.
  • Preparation leads to commitment.
  • Preparation makes problem your passion.

You will become known for the problems you solve!

  • Solutions are sometimes found in very unexpected places.
  • Each of us has a unique knowledge.
  • Some take a simple tool and link a dreamer and a dream.
  • Have courage to always pursue your passion.

To be good teacher you must be good learner

  • Trusting instincts is needed in problem solving.
  • Most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
  • Let eyes not only see  but also behold.
  • Find fresh perspective.
  • Find your horizon.
  • Nourish your soul.
  • Enjoy journey.

Look for what truly excites you.

  • Open road is both a place and state of mind.
  • Universe is one of abundance not scarcity.
  • Enjoy the ride more than you ever have before.

Tony Dungy Interview with Mark Sanborn
Retired head coach for the Indianapolis Colts


  • I am the only husband to my wife and father to my children.
  • I want to leverage my influence for good in world.
  • As leaders we need to rise to our calling.
  • It starts with you!

What is the back story? the story behind the story what we see in public.

  • The impact people had on my life is part of the back story, my parents, my school teachers and coaches in my life along the way.
  • These people told us the right things to do, taught us the right way to treat people.
  • I am a product of coaches, mentors investing in me.

What do you do when people get stuck in their story?

  • I try to energize them, show them what they could do, what they truly are capable of, open their eyes to their potential of how good they can be.
  • You have got to have a mission and vision that matters in order for your team, people to be motivated and engaged.
  • Chuck Noll told me I have to be a great salesman, I have to know what I believe in and then I have to convince team to believe in my cause with me, to support the mission and vision I have for team.
  • Teamwork: I must have an ultimate goal that all of us can strive for, I have to sell that we are in this together, that we can pull together and accomplish this thing.
  • People struggle before they make progress, you have to teach perseverance, incremental progress, show team what they are improving. One year we lost 10 games and were not showing improvement on the scoreboard, but we were getting better each week. We had to focus team on the small incremental improvements. Had to persevere until results became more evident.
  • Often the Coach has to believe in team more than they believe in themselves.
  • If you do too much, help them too much, you can create dysfunction. The opposite is to be too commanding. It is a hard balance.


You must demand responsibility, but balance with the understanding that I am here to help you achieve our goals, I am here to help make you successful.

What did others do to positively shape your story?

  • Many people helped shape my story, high school coach, saw potential in me and helped me.  Chuck Noll, my first NFL coach I worked played huge role in shaping my story. I also worked for 5-6 other coaches that impacting my story. My teams, the players impacted my story. Many, many people played a role and influenced my success.
  • He has a book coming out-The Mentor Leader
  • A Mentor/Leader is someone who helps people get to where they want to go.
  • There are different ways to win.
  • Coach Null-Be yourself, lead in your way, be a person who tries to help people, be  a person who helps players be  better.
  • It requires different approaches with different players, can’t approach all people the same, must get to know your people and know how to motivate and discipline each one according to their make up.

Drafting Standards

  • DNDC=Do Not Draft because of Character-may be talented but character was flawed and would not make good team member.
  • Recruiting talent: talent is a small part, ability to work with others, how are you at doing those things that aren’t as pleasant? We talked to coaches and team mates, we looked at academic records, how are you at doing the unpleasant things? This tells us a lot about one’s character.

Is character caught or taught?

  • Both to some degree, as leader try to bring best out of people.
  • Winning isn’t everything, it was our goal, but we need to be well-rounded people, have good lives outside football, our profession.

How do you avoid big head?

  • Talent is God-given be thankful, praise is man given be gracious, conceit is self-given be careful.

Focus on things you can control

  • There will be times when you have to mentor and times when you have to discipline a team member.
  • You have to work at figuring out how to use the  right element at the right time, you must choose right tools for situation. A key is understanding the personality of the individual. This is really important to being successful in this area.
  • Have pull to want to do best you can, how do you balance that with home, family has to come first, that is who is going to be with you rest of your life

How do you know when to leave?

  • It took lots of prayer and deliberation with my wife to determine the Lord had other things for me to do right now.

When is the time the Lord has something else for me?

  • Remember that God has put you where you are for a reason.

Many times you must have perseverance, you must stay the course, even when you don’t think you are having an impact you will look back some day and realize how you impacted others, how much you influenced their lives in a good way.