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Here is a great book co-written by one of the late John Wooden’s former players, Andrew Hill, who went on to be a greater success off the court than he ever was on the court. He attributes much of his success to the 21 secrets he learned while playing for John Wooden at UCLA. Take a look at the list then pick up the book it is a great read. 

Be Quick-But Don’t Hurry

Andrew Hill & John Wooden

Secret #1: The Team With The Best Players Almost Always Wins

Secret #2: Be Quick-But Don’t Hurry

Secret #3: Focus On Effort, Not Winning

Secret #4: Keep It Simple

Secret #5: Make Your “Yes” Mean Yes

Secret #6: Balance Is Everything

Secret #7: A Good Leader is First & Foremost, A Teacher

Secret #8: Game Time Is When The Coach’s Job Is almost Over

Secret #9: A Great Leader Cannot Worry About Being Well Liked

Secret #10: Great Leaders Give Credit To Others, But Accept The Blame Themselves

Secret #11: Seek Consistency—Avoid Peaks & Valleys

Secret #12: Fairness Is Giving All People The Treatment They Earn & Deserve

Secret #13: The Team That Makes The Most Mistakes…Wins!

Secret #14: Surround Yourself With Strong, Opinionated People

Secret #15: Teamwork Is Not A Preference, It’s A Necessity

Secret #16: Rules Are Made To Be Followed, Not Broken

Secret #17: Concentrate On Your Team, Not The Opposition

Secret #18: Adjust To Your Players—Don’t Expect Them All To Adjust To You

Secret #19: Failing To Prepare is Preparing To Fail

Secret #20: Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Secret #21: Be Honest, Direct, & Willing To Risk It All For Your Beliefs


Dave Ramsey
Personal money-management expert, national radio personality, and best-selling author of The Total Money Makeover

 As a leader you have the responsibility to serve those you lead!

  • 300 people employed at his company.
  • Not boss of those people I am the servant of all those people.
  • Businesses are operated by people who know how to serve their people, customers and communities!

What are the principles that caused us to grow as a business? 

5 Keys things to enable us to win

1. People Matter: This the DNA of our organization. This has to be how you live. 

  • Your customers are people.
  • Your customers matter, they are people, they have sickness, they are not just a place to extract money from!
  • Your team members are people. 
  • Your team matters, they are not just units of production.
  • In many companies their people have  become a commodity.
  • Companies wonder why their why they have people who are not loyal to them. It is because you are not loyal to them.
  • Loyalty breeds loyalty. Be loyal to your people.
  • Love your competitors, treat them well and with respect.

2. An Incredible, Excellent Team Matters:  Our organization is a place where excellence matters.

Of course our company is made up of nice people we fired all the jerks!

  • We have won six years in a row in Nashville  an award as the best place to work for in Nashville.
  • Start the hiring process by prayer, send us the right person, keep your crazy people away.
  • Make sure you really get to know your people during the recruitment process. It takes longer but it is worth it in the long run. 
  • We will fire you for gossip, it is destructive. You must hand your negatives up, never down. I will warn you once,  fire you second time. (See more on this here: The Five Enemies of Unity)
  • As a leader you need to be intentional about the culture you cultivate in your organization.

3. Slow and Steady Matters: This wins the race!

  • You must be consistent.
  • You must have a no quit attitude.
  • He who is impulsive imparts folly.
  • Don’t have business ADD, can’t run after everything that is shiny.
  • Must keep focus.
  • Asked a billionaire what is key to your success?  He reads the story of  the tortoise and the hare, tortoise always win! 
  • Building a successful business is a crock pot process.
  • Take your time!
  • I have worked my butt off for 15 years and now I am overnight success!

4. Financial Principles Matter: You must run business with a budget. You spend less than you take in. You must get out of debt.

  • Slow down, run your business on less than it takes in, operate with margin.
  • Stay out of debt.
  • Debt increase risk and this will maximize the impact of your mistakes.
  • When everything is going good even stupid looks good.
  • Be generous!
  • Be generous and giving to your community.
  • Be generous to your team.
  • Be generous with customers. 
  • You need to have moral component to your business. 
  • By having a generous culture you team will act differently and function at a higher level.
  • When you have generous spirit it sparks creativity among your team members.

5. A higher calling matters: When you play for something bigger than you, you will fight harder, work harder, and achieve more.

  • Define your higher calling.
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What gives you meaning and purpose?

Leave an amazing legacy!

  • How have Cathy family turned chicken into a higher calling?
  • Their on mission that is bigger than chicken!
  • They are shaping lives of teenagers all over country.
  • What you do for a living has got to be worth getting up every morning.
  • It has to energize you to go busting through all the walls.
  • You won’t do all it takes if you don’t have a higher calling.
  • Your organization must understand the Why? 
  • You better know what your why is and your team better know what your why is.
  • Got to have something that you are aiming at.
  • How cool would it be that you created thousands of millionaires like Microsoft did. Impacted so many lives in such a big way. Changed their family tree forever. 
  • Studying family businesses and how they transition from generation to generation.
  • One part of my higher calling is leaving legacy of those I have had a part in developing and sending them on their way to achieve bigger and better things. To observe them out there when they are doing their own thing, achieving great things on their own. That is rewarding to reflect back on the fact I had some part in their success. 
  • What will your legacy be?
  • What will the dash on your tombstone represent?
  • I am all about making my dash count for as much as possible by leaving a legacy that I can be proud of.


Marcus Buckingham

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Michael Hyatt

  • Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Patrick Lencioni

  • The Advantage

Bernie Marcus

  • Built from Scratch

Urban Meyer

  • Urban’s Way: Urban Meyer, the Florida Gators, and His Plan to Win

Mark Sanborn

  • Up, Down, or Sideways

Andy Stanley

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  • The Principle of the Path
  • When Work and Family Collide

Soledad O’Brien

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Truett Cathy

  • Wealth, Is It Worth It?

Sheena Iyengar

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Laura Ling

  • Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home

John Maxwell

  • The Five Levels of Leadership
  • The 360 Degree Leader

Tim Tebow

  • Through My Eyes

General Hugh Shelton

  • Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior

Jeremie Kubicek

  • Leadership is Dead/Making Leadership Come Alive
  • Humble for President

Urban Meyer

Head football coach for Ohio State University Buckeyes


Made choice to give up career for a time due to family concerns and health issues. Urban is sharing story about choices that he made in recent years.

  • When you reach the top of the ladder and some issues arise, conflicts, tensions arise.
  • Family, health related issues surfaced due to the pressures of profession.

I never wanted to become that guy, the guy who puts career first and family is neglected!

  • Urban discussed a number of health scares he had then the death of a friend and fellow coach at 52 really shook him up.

I didn’t want to become that guy, but I was becoming that guy, that guy who put his career ahead of his family and health.

  • After numerous health issues and several real scares he walked away from best job in country, even with the #1 recruiting class in nation that year.
  • Urban took year off, coached boys sports team, attending lots of his girls events. Worked to recreate balance and perspective.
  • 3 attributes of leaders: 1 selfless 2. work ethic 3. competitive spirit
  • You are a leader when you raise the level of play of those around you.
  • Keep things in perspective
    • Faith and family helps keep things in perspective and keep you balanced

Comments about Tim Tebow
  • Tim Tebow is greatest college football player that has ever played the game!
  • Tim Tebow greatest competitive spirit he has ever encountered.

Tim Tebow has a unique ability to force you to look inward! He forces you to self-evaluate! I believe this is reason a lot of people are uncomfortable with him, don’t like him and criticize him like they do. The way he lives makes some people uncomfortable.

  • He believes his mission is to brighten someone else’s day.


  • We make a decision that is important then we manage it the rest of our life!
  • When I was asked what my growth plan was back in my 20’s I had nothing to say because I had none, I did not know that I needed one.
  • Growth is not automatic, it requires intentionality 
  • “15 Laws of Personal Growth”, John’s new book coming out this fall.
First 4 Laws of Personal Growth 

Law #1:  Law of Intentionality-growth doesn’t just happen, we have to grow on purpose 

  • We must make a choice to grow!
  • For years I never found a person that did have a personal growth plan 
  • We don’t automatically get better.
  • We don’t automatically grow.
  • Only thing automatic in life is death. 
  • There’s a choice you have to make in everything you do. So keep in mind the choice you make, makes you. John Wooden
  • His dad paid him to read good books from junior high up, not paid an allowance to do chores 
  • I will put my money where my values are! 
  • My Dad put good books in my hand. 
  • My father was very intentional about helping us grow. 
  • James Allen-“As a man thinkith” Book 
  • We want to change everything around us except us! 
  • Everything gets better when we get better 
  • You have to crock pot leaders, it is a process, you must intentionally grow leaders.

Key to this law: The secret to growing intentionally is growing every day


  • My Secret of success is determined by my daily agenda 
  • Be intentional every day 
  • Your Growth Plan must be: Simple, Basic, Practical, Applicable so you can do it every day. 
  • Daily learn how to grow and develop myself
  • Your greatest investment that you will ever make is in yourself, your personal growth.
  •  If you wouldn’t bet on yourself, then why should anyone else?
  • You want to bet on yourself and investing in your personal growth is betting on yourself. 
  • Make a decision to live daily a life of personal growth and development 

 Law #2 Law of Awareness

  • I have to know me to grow me
  • How do I do this?

#1 Requirement?

  •  What is required of me?
  •  What do I have to do?
  • What is expected of me in life?
2. Return?
  • What gives me the greatest return?
  • What do I do well?
  • Strength Zone, what is your strengths?
  • I work on what I do well
  • Take your personal growth effort and put it to your strengths, focus on your strengths!
  • Weak only becomes average after lots of work, no one wants to be just average
  • Discover what you do well and then put all your energy into developing what you do well
  • If you work on your strength then you can become excellent! 
  • You can become the best you that you can become if you focus on your strengths.

#3 Rewarding?

  • What is rewarding to me?
  •  What do I enjoy doing?
  •  Find what you like doing.
  • I have a problem, I can’t discern between what is work and what is play.
  • I love what I do.  

Add these three up and you get Passion!

  • When people have passion they have energy
  • I love being around people with passion 

#4 Law of Environment

  • Growth thrives in condusive surroundings
  • Many of us are not in a good growth environment
What Makes Up A Growth Environment?
1. Growth environment is a place where others are ahead of me, smarter, faster, better leader, etc
  • If you are at the head of the class you are in the wrong class

2. Place where I am continually challenged.

3. Place where my focus is totally forward, yesterday ended last night, it is over get over it, not where I was, it is where I am heading

4. Place where atmosphere is affirming, like minded, growth oriented and directed.

5. Place where I am often out of my comfort zone, over my head, doesn’t matter how deep it is, you are over you head

  • Always want to be out of comfort zone, it will cause you to stretch, but not out of your strength zone 

6. Growth environment is a place where I am excited everyday

7. A growth environment is a place where it is understood that failure is not my enemy, there will be a lot of failure, lots of mess ups, learn to fail forward. 

8. A growth environment is a place where other people are growing.

9. A growth environment is a place where people desire change.

10. A growth environment is a place where growth is modeled and it is expected of me to grow.


Tim Tebow

NFL quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner & best-selling author

Interview comments at Chick-fil-A Leadercast May 4, 2012.

  • I really care about what I do, willing to put it all on the line, really passionate about what I do. Passion is more than motivation, hype. Those are temporary. Passion keeps you going when you’re tired, worn out
  • Leadership is ability to influence someone else
  • Everyone has someone you can you influence, someone is watching you and you will impact and influence them by what you do good or bad, you will impact them by the way you live your life
  • Someone else’s life is going be different because of their encounter with you, could be good, could be bad, but you will influence others as you walk through life
  • Trying moment: loss to Ole Miss while a Gator, we were’nt the toughest team, we lost because we didn’t have the highest character, we were going through motions, we were not focused. Character is doing something with all your might. We did not do that on that day.
  • Discussing how he handles frustration: I consistently work hard and prepare in order to be ready when my number is called, you have to ready and willing to go when you number is called, you have to work hard and prepare when you are not in game so that you are prepared when your opportunity comes. When the opportunity comes you have to be ready to deliver the results.
  • Discussing how he handles all the criticism that is often targeted at him: You can’t control what others say or think, but can control your own attitude, you can control your effort and how you work and perform. I don’t worry about what I can’t control and focus on what I can. Don’t waste energy on what you can’t control, criticism, attacks etc, spend energy on only what you can control. 
I have learned and know that it doesn’t matter what my future holds because I know who holds my future. 
  • Leaders don’t get stuck focusing on the attacks, leaders instead focus instead on attitude, effort and executing.
  • Discussing his perspective about football and life: At the end of the day it is just  a game, I see it as an opportunity to take the platform I have been given to help others in need, to make a difference in the lives of others. I want to make someone else’s life better because I’m here. If you have that attitude it will change your day & your life.
Are you waiting for every day to end or are you trying to get better and hoping to make someone’s day better?
  • It frustrates me when celebrities say they aren’t a role model. Yes you are; you’re just not a very good one!
  • Discussing being a brand: be real, be who you are ,be authentic, someone who wants to make a difference
  • I see everyday as a constant struggle and battle to grow in your leadership
  • When I get up in the morning I am thinking that I can’t wait to get better today,  I want to make someone else’s life better today because  I am here

Tebow’s 3 questions to ask yourself as a leader

1.      Do you love what you do? A Leader is someone who loves what they do, how can you lead if you don’t love what you do

2.      Do you have passion about what you do?

  • Leader is someone who loves what they do, how can you lead if you don’t love what you do
  • Are you passionate about what you do?  Passion comes from down deep, whether you feel good or bad you do it anyway

3.      Are you willing to sacrifice? Being a leader requires sacrifice on your part

  • Leaders lead by example whether they intend to or not.
  • You will make a choice today. What will you choose today?

Here is the first installment of my summary and highlight notes from today’s Chick-fil-A Leadercast that was broadcast globally to more than 125,000 people at more than 800 locations.

Andy Stanley

Choices & Leadership

Leadership Confessions

  • As a leader I may be in charge, but I have to realize I don’t have all the answers.
  • As a leader I am not necessarily the  smartest person in room.
  • As a leader I may not even be the best leader in organization.
Leaders Making Choices

Leaders are important because of Uncertainty

  • We know we never have all the info we need to make a decision
  • As the leader at the end of the day your organization turns to you and you have to make a decision.

Uncertainty-we hate it, yet this is why in part you are where you are, it is the need for leadership

  • Uncertainty makes leaders leaders
  • Uncertainty drives us crazy, it makes us nervous
  • Now you are the adult in the room, you have to make the decision, and that is difficult
  • The goal of leadership is not to eradicate uncertainty,but rather navigate it 

You will never have all the info you need to make a decision!

  • You have to make a decision
  • You have to make choices 

3 Questions to ask yourself as you make decisions

1. What would my replacement do?

  • This brings objectivity to the decision making process
  • We fall in love and comfortable with the way we do things and the way we make decisions.
  • Couch illustration, bought for one house and years later you moved and moved the old couch to a new house and it is ugly there, but by now you have fallen in love with that couch and you have lost objectivity and love the couch even though the couch is ugly and everyone except you realizes it.

When we get comfortable we lose our objectivity!

  • “Only the Paranoid Survive”-book by Andy Grove
  • Uses the Ferris Wheel story from book
  • He asked what new CEO would do if we were kicked out?

This question provides clarity!

  • The new CEO would get us out of memories
  • Why shouldn’t we walk out the door and do this?
  • We are so emotionally wrapped up in what we are doing that we will never be able to be successful at moving forward.

2. What would a great leader do?

  • Got this question from Bill Hybels
  • This question takes you out of your immediate situation, out of the smallness of your situation and elevates your perspective, expands your vision.
  • He references Jack Welch, other great leaders
  • Great leaders, selfless, not in it for me, and not concerned for my own reputation.
  • CFA example: competition from Boston Chicken (Market) how do we outgrow BM?
  • How do we get bigger and get bigger faster?
  • “Wealth Isn’t Worth It”-Truett Cathy book details this story

Truett emphatically comments that; We must quit talking about getting bigger, start talking about getting better, If we get better customers will demand we get bigger!

  • In the year 2000 BM was in bankruptcy while CFA hit a billion in sales as a company.
  • This question will create margin in your thinking
  • If you ask this question before you make commitment to follow thru with the answer, you will step into a new arena of thinking as a leader.
  • Once it dawns on you that there is a different path, different possibilities it will expand your thinking and broaden your horizons. 

Some of you will become great leaders because of asking this question!

  • There will be tension in that question
  • There will be extraordinary opportunity in that question

3.  What story do I want to tell?

  • Every decision you make is a part of the story you want to tell.
  • When this is simply a story I tell, what story will you tell?
  • This is the legacy you will leave.

Don’t ever make a decision that will make you a liar for life?

  • Will there be dark periods in your life that you have to skip over? 
  • Will there be bad decisions, things you don’t want uncovered, stories you don’t want revealed, closets you don’t want open?
  • Your story is with you forever!
  • Make your story one you want to be able to tell. 
  • A story you will be proud to share with your children.
  • Live life without regrets.

Charlie illustration about working for billboard company and demands for 6 days a week, he left company due to the fact he didn’t want to compromise his family, he started his own business in ATL and grew it large and sold it for a lot of money, but he had  his family because he didn’t compromise his core values. The leaders at other company were also successful financially but most lost their families.

  • I will never sacrifice my family for the sake of my career!
  • Never write a story you will regret and don’t want to tell

Make it a story your are proud to tell at every single aspect of you life! You get to decide what the story is that you write and the story you will tell 5 years from now and beyond!

  • Money comes, money goes…but your story is with you for life. Make sure it is something you are proud of.


You are the only person in existence who can use your potential. It is an awesome responsibility.


You never know when a helping hand will change a person’s entire life.


You cannot make it as a wandering generality. You must become a meaningful specific.


Tact is the art of building a fire under people without making their blood boil.


An idea unrecorded is an idea often lost.


Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.


Quit counting time and start making time count.


Success is not a destination, it’s a journey – it’s the direction in which you are traveling.


One of the greatest disasters of our time is our universal acceptance of the word “tolerance” as a great virtue.


Everything that occurs teaches and prepares you for the next stage of life. Nothing is lost.


Inspect to make sure you get what you expect.


You measure success by how much good you do for others.


You need to consider your attitude as seriously as you would consider the largest purchase of your life


Top Performers anticipate change and embrace the opportunity to change.


Never make a promise without a plan


The real test in golf and in life is not in keeping it out of the rough, but in getting out after you are in.


Logic won’t change an emotion but action will.


Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.


Faithfulness is an attitude; it speaks of the qualities of trust, reliability, and loyalty

Several months ago John Maxwell began providing a new free resource for leaders that he calls “A Minute With Maxwell”.  During this minute he takes a word sent in by viewers and spends a minute providing a short leadership lesson. Once you subscribe for free by supplying your email address you get the lesson each morning in your inbox. This is a great way to start out your day and keep your learning to lead journey moving forward.

I have personally enjoyed and learned from this inspirational minute each day for the past several months. I encourage you to give it a try and start out your day with John Maxwell’s leadership lessons.

Click on this link to subscribe and begin getting this daily dose of leadership from John today:

Here are some examples to whet your appetite:


Jeremie Kubicek
President & CEO, GiANT Impact

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Jeremie Kubicek is currently President & CEO of GiANT Impact based in Atlanta, GA, co-founder of GiANT Partners and other GiANT entities, and the author of Leadership is Dead: How Influence is Reviving It (a Wall Street Journal and INC. Magazine bestseller). They own and operate brands and events such as Catalyst and the Chick-fil-A Leadercast.

  • An empowering leader trains, mentors, and apprentices someone to help him or her grow.
  • To be a positive influence and a leader worth following, you must deal with your own insecurities and fears before you can empower others.
  • The combination of character and high competence leads to the outflow of trust and credibility.
  • Overpowering leadership suppresses people and prevents them from performing with enthusiasm and creativity.
  • To empower is to enable someone else to accomplish something. It is a transfer of authority.
  • To lead in the modern world, you have to focus on what the world wants and needs instead of what makes you comfortable.
  • Empowering leaders tend to be very self-aware. Their intent is to use their skills to serve and benefit others.
  • Influence is the most potent and underutilized professional resource on the planet.
  • The greatest strategy for business, success and personal fulfillment is not based upon getting all you can. Instead it is centered upon giving all you can.
  • To have true influence, you must embrace a lifestyle of giving for the benefit of others.
  •  To empower is a positive act of service for the benefit of others, and it should be the goal of every leader.
  • To have true influence, you have to move beyond the transactional approach to life and into the relational.
  • To believe is to eliminate the fear of missed expectations.
  • The eyes and heart are interrelated. What the eyes are fixed on reveals what the heart was already set on.
  • Wisdom is far better than knowledge. Wisdom is good for both they who speak it and those who hear it.