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I have recently read a number of blog posts and book authors who contend that not everyone is a leader. I disagree with those assertions. While I do agree that not all of us will have what it takes to be a CEO or tackle some other high level executive post in our lifetimes. However that does not exclude us from being leaders in our own circle of influence on a daily basis.

John Maxwell defines leadership as follows:

Leadership =Influence

If we use this as our core definition for leadership then all of us fit into the category of a leader. Each of us exerts influence over other people in our lives on a regular basis.

Look at this list of influencers that impact our lives daily:

  • A parent influences their children.
  • A spouse influences their spouse.
  • Children often influence their parents.
  • A neighbor influences a neighbor on where to shop for the best deal on lawn care, groceries, hair stylist etc…
  • A co-worker influences another co-worker on where to eat lunch, get their dry cleaning done, what concert to go to etc…
  • A waitress influences you on what to eat that day by telling you the great specials that are available or what are the local favorites.
  • Your handy-man influences you on some needed repairs to your house.
  • Your mechanic influences you on some needed work so your car doesn’t break down.
  • Your hair stylist influences you on your new hair cut style.
I think you get the point, and this list could go on and on. Make up your own list and take a moment to recognize all the people who exert influence over you in the course of a day. Once you do this you will realize that leadership is alive and well in many forms all around us all day.
Are you a leader? I think we all have to answer yes and realize each of us has leadership roles and responsibilities in our lives and that we owe it to ourselves and those we exert influence over to work at being better at some of the most basic leadership skills.
While you might not aspire to be a CEO I would hope you aspire to be a better parent, spouse, friend, neighbor, co-worker…you fill in the blank________.
Each of us can grow in our leadership and use our improved skills to better impact our circle of influence in a more positive and effective manner.
Andy Stanley states that:
“Leadership is a stewardship, it is temporary and you are accountable!”
So let’s all commit to learning to lead more effectively in the days ahead.
Are you ready to learn how to lead?

Marcus Buckingham

  • Standout

Michael Hyatt

  • Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Patrick Lencioni

  • The Advantage

Bernie Marcus

  • Built from Scratch

Urban Meyer

  • Urban’s Way: Urban Meyer, the Florida Gators, and His Plan to Win

Mark Sanborn

  • Up, Down, or Sideways

Andy Stanley

  • Enemies of the Heart
  • The Principle of the Path
  • When Work and Family Collide

Soledad O’Brien

  • The Next Big Story: My Journey Through the Land of Possibilities

Truett Cathy

  • Wealth, Is It Worth It?

Sheena Iyengar

  • The Art of Choosing

Laura Ling

  • Somewhere Inside: One Sister’s Captivity North Korea and the Other’s Fight to Bring Her Home

John Maxwell

  • The Five Levels of Leadership
  • The 360 Degree Leader

Tim Tebow

  • Through My Eyes

General Hugh Shelton

  • Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior

Jeremie Kubicek

  • Leadership is Dead/Making Leadership Come Alive
  • Humble for President

Here is the first installment of my summary and highlight notes from today’s Chick-fil-A Leadercast that was broadcast globally to more than 125,000 people at more than 800 locations.

Andy Stanley

Choices & Leadership

Leadership Confessions

  • As a leader I may be in charge, but I have to realize I don’t have all the answers.
  • As a leader I am not necessarily the  smartest person in room.
  • As a leader I may not even be the best leader in organization.
Leaders Making Choices

Leaders are important because of Uncertainty

  • We know we never have all the info we need to make a decision
  • As the leader at the end of the day your organization turns to you and you have to make a decision.

Uncertainty-we hate it, yet this is why in part you are where you are, it is the need for leadership

  • Uncertainty makes leaders leaders
  • Uncertainty drives us crazy, it makes us nervous
  • Now you are the adult in the room, you have to make the decision, and that is difficult
  • The goal of leadership is not to eradicate uncertainty,but rather navigate it 

You will never have all the info you need to make a decision!

  • You have to make a decision
  • You have to make choices 

3 Questions to ask yourself as you make decisions

1. What would my replacement do?

  • This brings objectivity to the decision making process
  • We fall in love and comfortable with the way we do things and the way we make decisions.
  • Couch illustration, bought for one house and years later you moved and moved the old couch to a new house and it is ugly there, but by now you have fallen in love with that couch and you have lost objectivity and love the couch even though the couch is ugly and everyone except you realizes it.

When we get comfortable we lose our objectivity!

  • “Only the Paranoid Survive”-book by Andy Grove
  • Uses the Ferris Wheel story from book
  • He asked what new CEO would do if we were kicked out?

This question provides clarity!

  • The new CEO would get us out of memories
  • Why shouldn’t we walk out the door and do this?
  • We are so emotionally wrapped up in what we are doing that we will never be able to be successful at moving forward.

2. What would a great leader do?

  • Got this question from Bill Hybels
  • This question takes you out of your immediate situation, out of the smallness of your situation and elevates your perspective, expands your vision.
  • He references Jack Welch, other great leaders
  • Great leaders, selfless, not in it for me, and not concerned for my own reputation.
  • CFA example: competition from Boston Chicken (Market) how do we outgrow BM?
  • How do we get bigger and get bigger faster?
  • “Wealth Isn’t Worth It”-Truett Cathy book details this story

Truett emphatically comments that; We must quit talking about getting bigger, start talking about getting better, If we get better customers will demand we get bigger!

  • In the year 2000 BM was in bankruptcy while CFA hit a billion in sales as a company.
  • This question will create margin in your thinking
  • If you ask this question before you make commitment to follow thru with the answer, you will step into a new arena of thinking as a leader.
  • Once it dawns on you that there is a different path, different possibilities it will expand your thinking and broaden your horizons. 

Some of you will become great leaders because of asking this question!

  • There will be tension in that question
  • There will be extraordinary opportunity in that question

3.  What story do I want to tell?

  • Every decision you make is a part of the story you want to tell.
  • When this is simply a story I tell, what story will you tell?
  • This is the legacy you will leave.

Don’t ever make a decision that will make you a liar for life?

  • Will there be dark periods in your life that you have to skip over? 
  • Will there be bad decisions, things you don’t want uncovered, stories you don’t want revealed, closets you don’t want open?
  • Your story is with you forever!
  • Make your story one you want to be able to tell. 
  • A story you will be proud to share with your children.
  • Live life without regrets.

Charlie illustration about working for billboard company and demands for 6 days a week, he left company due to the fact he didn’t want to compromise his family, he started his own business in ATL and grew it large and sold it for a lot of money, but he had  his family because he didn’t compromise his core values. The leaders at other company were also successful financially but most lost their families.

  • I will never sacrifice my family for the sake of my career!
  • Never write a story you will regret and don’t want to tell

Make it a story your are proud to tell at every single aspect of you life! You get to decide what the story is that you write and the story you will tell 5 years from now and beyond!

  • Money comes, money goes…but your story is with you for life. Make sure it is something you are proud of.

Earlier this year I attended an event put on by Giant Impact and I recently ran across this suggested book reading list for leaders they included in our event materials. Thought you might enjoy me sharing it with you, so here it is.

How many of these have you read?

  • The 360 Degree Leader-John Maxwell
  • Now, Discover Your Strengths-Marcus Buckingham
  • Blink-Malcolm Gladwell
  • Confidence-Rosabeth Moss Kanter
  • Rules of the Red Rubber Ball-Kevin Carroll
  • Team of Rivals-Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • The Next Generation Leader-Andy Stanley
  • Made to Stick-Chip Heath
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People-Stephen R. Covey
  • Groundswell-Charlene Li
  • The One Minute Manager-Ken Blanchard
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team-Patrick Lencioni
  • Leadership Promises for Every Day-John Maxwell
  • The Experience Economy-Joseph Pine
  • Strengthsfinder 2.0-Tom Rath
  • John Adams-David McCullough
  • The First Billion is the Hardest-T. Boone Pickens
  • Visioneering-Andy Stanley
  • Leading from the Heart-Jack Kahl
  • Virtuoso Teams-Andy Boynton
  • Patten on Leadership-Alan Axelrod
  • Leadership Engine-Noel M. Tichy
  • Good to Great-Jim Collins
  • Making Ideas Happen-Scott Belsky
  • The Element-Ken Robinson
  • Common Wealth-Jeffrey Sachs
  • The Purpose Driven Life-Rick Warren
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People-Dale Carnegie
  • Drive-Daniel Pink
  • You Don’t Need A Title to be a Leader-Mark Sanborn
  • Long Tail-Chris Anderson
  • The Rise of the Creative Class-Richard Florida
  • Integrity-Henry Cloud
  • Linchpin-Seth Godin
  • Developing the Leaders Around You-John Maxwell
  • The Designful Company-Marty Neumeier
  • The Future of Management-Gary Hamel
  • How Did You Do It, Truett? S. Truett Cathy
  • Winning-Jack Welch
  • Built to Last-Jim Collins
  • Talent is Overrated-Geoffrey Colvin

I have a few I need order on Amazon, how about you?