What Is Holding You Back?

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Uncategorized


This morning I went to get in the ocean after getting very hot out in the sun. I was reminded that each time I venture out into the ocean it is always cold at first touch. It is a shock to the system and causes hesitation at the outset.

When getting into a pool I prefer to jump in and get it over with all at once. It is a little different getting to the ocean. There is always a wading out process to go through in the ocean before I can take a full body plunge and get the cold shock over with.

Once in the ocean I always enjoy the experience, but what if I let that initial experience of getting past the shock of the cold water stop me from enjoying all the fun of bathing in the waves.

Do you ever let the fear of cold water stop you from taking some new steps forward in your life?

1. Fear of failure?

2. Fear of the unknown?

3. Fear of the known obstacles?

4. Fear of the initial discomfort?

  1. Garrick D. Conner says:

    I like your analogy. For me, I think I’m held back by fear of the unknown. There’s probably some fear of failure closely tied to that too, but that’s a much more subtle fear.

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