Urban Meyer

Head football coach for Ohio State University Buckeyes


Made choice to give up career for a time due to family concerns and health issues. Urban is sharing story about choices that he made in recent years.

  • When you reach the top of the ladder and some issues arise, conflicts, tensions arise.
  • Family, health related issues surfaced due to the pressures of profession.

I never wanted to become that guy, the guy who puts career first and family is neglected!

  • Urban discussed a number of health scares he had then the death of a friend and fellow coach at 52 really shook him up.

I didn’t want to become that guy, but I was becoming that guy, that guy who put his career ahead of his family and health.

  • After numerous health issues and several real scares he walked away from best job in country, even with the #1 recruiting class in nation that year.
  • Urban took year off, coached boys sports team, attending lots of his girls events. Worked to recreate balance and perspective.
  • 3 attributes of leaders: 1 selfless 2. work ethic 3. competitive spirit
  • You are a leader when you raise the level of play of those around you.
  • Keep things in perspective
    • Faith and family helps keep things in perspective and keep you balanced

Comments about Tim Tebow
  • Tim Tebow is greatest college football player that has ever played the game!
  • Tim Tebow greatest competitive spirit he has ever encountered.

Tim Tebow has a unique ability to force you to look inward! He forces you to self-evaluate! I believe this is reason a lot of people are uncomfortable with him, don’t like him and criticize him like they do. The way he lives makes some people uncomfortable.

  • He believes his mission is to brighten someone else’s day.

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