Mars Need Moms: Leading at Home

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Disney, Gratitude, Love, Movies, Parenting, Servant Leadership, Uncategorized
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This past weekend I attended the movie Mars Needs Moms with my two boys and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie and the themes it had running through it.  Disney has done a great job of producing a great family film that supports the family unit in a fun and entertaining way.

The movie edified both the importance of moms in the lives of their children and the importance of the family unit itself. I highly recommend checking out this film with your children and share the enjoyment of getting some positive reinforcement from the entertainment industry.

Great job Disney!

Some of the positive themes:

  1. Importance of mothers to their family.
  2. Importance of families to society as a whole, when the family disappears society at large suffers greatly.
  3. Importance of discipline and boundaries in the family unit.
  4. Importance of love and affection to both families and friends.
  5. Children’s appreciation of parents.
  6. The power and positive impact of a loving family unit on a child.
  7. The power of love in our lives.


Grab your kids and go enjoy this movie!


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