Leadership Shorts: John Maxwell

Posted: March 26, 2011 in John Maxwell, Leadership, Quotes, Success, Uncategorized
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  • Leading is about the relationship between the leader and the led and trust is at its core.
  • It’s not what we know before we make a decision that makes it a great decision. It’s what we do after we make a decision that makes it a great decision.
  • Servant leaders enjoy seeing others succeed and look for ways to help them.
  • The greatest mistake we make is living in constant fear that we will make one.
  • You will never have all the information to make a decision. If you did it would be a forgone conclusion, not a decision.
  • A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion not position.
  • Life is not a dress rehearsal.
  • Life is about adventure not maintenance.
  • The entire population of the world – with one minor exception – is composed of others.
  • If you could see yourself in terms of your true potential, you wouldn’t recognize yourself.
  • As a leader you should always challenge people to move out of their comfort zone but never out of their strength zone.
  • A procrastinator puts off until tomorrow the things he has already put off until today.
  • Your attitude is either your best friend or your worst enemy, your greatest asset or your greatest liability.

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