Recently I watched an interview on line that Andy Stanley conducted with Jim Collins. Here are my notes:

1. What is the Cost of Having the Wrong People on the bus?

  • School=you fail the kids
  • Non-profit=you don’t meet the needs of the homeless people
  • Soldiers=people die

The cost for having the wrong people on the bus in your organization is too high, you can’t afford it. The results for having the wrong people on the bus is failure and it will hurt those you are trying to help the most.

The moment you feel the need to tightly manage someone you may have made the wrong hiring decision.

The right people don’t need to be managed.

The right people need to be lead, guided and taught.

The right people are motivated, disciplined and self-managed.

Think of it as not having a job, but instead you have responsibilities.

Ask the question of your poor performers, is it a seat or bus issue?

Your work is too important to allow failure!

2. Keys to Developing a Disciplined Culture

a. Having the right people

b. Having all the people on the bus with responsibilities instead of titles, articulate roles in the form of a person’s responsibilities to the organization and eliminate need for a title.

c. If you have more than 3 priorities then you have no priorities.

d. There has to be a “stop doing list” to mirror the “to do list”. Think of this like a bank account with deposits and withdrawals, your list should function in the same way.

Good intentions are no excuse for incompetence. Peter Drucker

What drives our unwillingness to stop doing?

a. We have a culture that does not think or function that way.

b. We are all about having lots of things to do.

c. We don’t have balance priorities


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