Here is a listing of my recent post detailing the key concepts from Jim Collins book, Good to Great. As I noted in my overview this is a book I read at least once annually and gain new insights each time I read it. This process of blogging about it the last few months has also helped me solidify some of the key practices that I had neglected in years past.

It is my hope you gained some insights into how your organization might improve by implementing some of these practices that can be learned from the great companies that Collins details.

  • What is your favorite part of the book?
  • What practices have you executed in your organization?
  • What key elements do you need to adapt next in order to move your organization to the next level?
  1. Overview
  2. Level 5 Leadership
  3. First Who, Then What
  4. Confronting The Brutal Facts
  5. Hedgehog Concept
  6. The Culture of Discipline
  7. Technology Accelerators
  8. The Flywheel & The Doom Loop

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