1. Talent is God-given be thankful, praise is man given be gracious, conceit is self-given be careful. Tony Dung
  2. Personal life impacts business life, perhaps more than anything else in your life. Connie Podesta
  3. Failure always teaches us more than just studying success. Jim Collins
  4. You will become known for the problems you solve! Steve Uzzell
  5. People underestimate the actual control they have during turbulent times. Ed Bastian
  6. Leaders don’t tell a better story, they make a story better! Mark Sanborn
  7. If you take care of your employees your employees will take care of you. Ed Bastian
  8. Look for the bright spots and copy them! Chip Heath
  9. Hubris (outrageous arrogance) born of success is first step to down fall. Jim Collins
  10. If no one accepts your excuses, then you stop using them, start finding solutions. Dr. Ben Carson
  11. You must demand responsibility, but balance with the understanding that I am here to help you achieve our goals, I am here to help make you successful. Tony Dungy
  12. Character is revealed when what you had planned is so far from your current reality that you can hardly breath, this is when you are revealed for who you truly are at the core. Connie Podesta
  13. You must learn or languish, no matter how bad the circumstances. Mark Sanborn
  14. Success is using talent God has given you to elevate other people! Dr. Ben Carson
  15. Connecting=ability to identify with and relate to people in such a way that it increases our influence with them! John Maxwell
  16. Multitasking gives you opportunity to screw up more than one thing at same time! Steve Uzzell
  17. To be good teacher you must be good learner. Steve Uzzell
  18. Connectors find common ground. John Maxwell
  19. Outcomes/Results are not tied to circumstances. Jim Collins
  20. Outcomes are based on our choices. Jim Collins
  21. All great institutions are built on a purpose beyond making money, they are built on a set of core purposes that sustain you during the ups and downs. Jim Collins
  22. Many times you must have perseverance, you must stay the course, even when you don’t think you are having an impact you will look back some day and realize how you impacted others, how much you influenced their lives in a good way. Tony Dungy
  23. Your life is your speech, you life tells your story, it paints a picture for all those around you to see each day. Connie Podesta
  24. I don’t believe in political correctness, I believe it is a very destructive force in our culture today. Dr. Ben Carson
  25. There is a part of us is in love with our current comfort. Chip Heath

  1. Bill Bliss says:

    Thanks for posting these. Each one is very helpful in its own right. The first one by Tony Dungy is really some great advice to live by day by day. Also, the insights from Dr. Ben Carson are excellent as well, especially the “politically correct” insight.

    Bill Bliss

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