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Mark Sanborn
Best-selling author of The Fred Factor

What’s the story?

  • How to be the one?
  • Speakers are using stories
  • If you understand someone’s personal story you can better understand their professional success or lack there of.
  • What is your story? Drama, thriller, etc

How does working for you affect your team member’s story?

  • Are they a better person because of their relationship with you?
  • People are tired of hype, it is not enough to tell a good story, there has to be substance behind the hype.

Leaders don’t tell a better story, they make a story better!

  • We want leaders who help us make our stories better.
  • Do we treat people as  if they are a WIP or WAC.
  • WAC=Work Already Complete.
  • WIP=Work in Progress.
  • Need to recognize the potential of people, don’t act if they can’t grow and improve. You are there to help improve their story.
  • It is always a challenge not to become cynic.
  • How can we be story shapers?

Story permeates every aspect of leadership

Level#1  Stuck

  • They may need a nudge.
  • This comes in form of hope.
  • They have  resigned themselves to think that they can’t progress beyond where they are.


A) Resell them on themselves, on their own value.

B) Re-Narrate their story.

C) Re-Energize them, get them started again, reinvigorate them.

  • Hope=having something new for them to try and also  for them to be willing to try it.

Level#2 Struggle

  • Got to get people to struggle.
  • Heroism is not possible without a struggle.

Provide encouragement

A) Nobody is exempt from struggle.
B) Refocus from present struggles to future hopes.
C) Redefine failure.

  • Failure is something that happens to you, not something that defines who you are.
  • With no resistance no hope of success.

Level#3 Shaped

You must learn or languish, no matter how bad the circumstances.

  • Look for lesson.
  • Look for destination.
  • Look at the affect your story has on others, it always impacts others,  it always intersects with others.

Be shapers of stories

  • Positively shape the stories of others.
  • Catch the other person’s story.
  • It takes slowing down so you can catch other people’s  stories.
  • When you hear the story you must respond to it.
  • It takes unconditional acceptance of their story.
  • When we reject a person’s story we reject them.

Ask Questions:

1) What is your greatest hope?

2) What is your greatest fear?

3) What would you most like to learn?

  • Feel—listen with your heart.

I believe a cynic is a passionate person who does not want to risk being hurt or disappointed again.

  • Tell your story.
  • Here is where you find the connectivity, focus on how their story can be better as a result of hearing your story, how can you add value to them.
  • Need to be a fellow conqueror together with them.
  • Need to connect how your stories can blend together to make their story better.
  • Tony Dungy stated earlier, ” that my story is about the many people who have poured themselves into my life”.
  • Whose life are you investing in?
  • Who are you pouring yourself into?
  • It is people, ideas and experiences that shape our lives.
  • People are primary.
  • People are where our ideas and experiences come from.
  • Might that our stories might be generous stories.
  • Be a generous story, a giver.
  • Be ye openers of doors.

Be shapers of other people’s stories.

Be the one who makes the stories of others even better.

  1. Mark Sanborn says:

    Thanks for the great summary!

    • markjcundiff says:

      Mark, thank you for the great content, really brought home some valuable knowledge! Enjoy your work,tweets, blogs and books, keep up the good work.

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