This is the first of multiple blog post to come from my notes after attending the Chick-fil-A Leadercast today held in Atlanta and broadcast world wide to more than 65,000 attendees.

Connie Podesta Expert in the psychology of human behavior and leadership development

There are two important questions for you life:

  1. Are you proud of the professional choices you are making?
  2. Are  you are proud of the personal choices you are making right now?

I will concentrate on Question #2 today!

  • No separating business and personal life
  • Personal life impacts business life, perhaps more than anything else in your life.
  • The choices you make from time you leave your office will determine more about the success of your career than anything else you do in life.


  • Relationship with spouse has great impact on the success/failure of your career.
  • Why don’t women just ask what they want?
  • Is most the frustrating person you have in your life the one you live with?
  • Men do you have trouble understanding women?
  • We (women) ask what you want to do then manipulate the answers until we get answer we wanted in the first place.
  • When men don’t read women’s mind then we get silent treatment, takes men an hour to realize they are getting the silent treatment
  • What’s wrong-nothing, men says OK and keeps driving.
  • Men don’t like dive into relationship issues with women or anyone for that matter.
  • Men use 3-4K words per day, Women use 10-12K per day, when you get home we have 9K left to hit you with and use up before bed time.


  • Then you add-on kids at some point to the mix.
  • How many of you have a kid who you know could not possibly be your own.
  • Leadership-being the one, we have to be all sorts of people, spouse, parent, boss, subordinate, team member, PTA member etc, we have to be all sorts of people.

Want vs needs

  • Avg family has 8 credit cards, $13K in debt and it will take 62 years to pay off if they make only min payments, this is not healthy
  • Wants and needs, we indulge way too many wants that we mistake as needs, this leads to us being unhealthy financially at home and impacts our business life, the added stress impacts all aspects of our lives.
  • This forces us to do things we may not want to do, be in relationships at work we don’t want to be in because we are a slave to our poor financial decisions at home.
  • Relationships should be about choice
  • You should not be forced to be in relationships

Being On Stage

  • You are on stage every single day of your life.
  • Everyone you come in contact with is your audience, they are watching you, seeing how you will influence them.

There is not a human being in your life that you can make happy!
There is not a human being in your life that you can make happy!
There is not a human being in your life that you can make happy!

  • Too many people’s #1 goal is to make others happy, you simply can’t do that
  • You can’t make your spouse happy.
  • You can’t make your children happy.
  • You can’t make your parents happy.

How many of your parents were concerned about your happiness?

  • Our parents then taught us we better be 1) respectful 2) work hard 3) be unselfish.
  • I learned I couldn’t be selfish, that I needed to learn be concerned about others.
  • Stop worrying about being happy but instead lead them to be respectful, work hard, be unselfish.

Happiness is result of doing right things, making right choices, serving others!


  • Character=leadership This what leadership is all about, it is not about how you are doing when things are going good!
  • No,  instead, character is revealed when what you had planned is so far from your current reality that you can hardly breath, this is when you are revealed for who you truly are at the core.

Public Speaking

  • 85% list public speaking as #1 fear.
  • You are a public speaker every day by the life you live before the audience you live before each day.
  • Your life is your speech, you life tells your story, it paints a picture for all those around you to see each day.
  • What does it tell them about you?

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