Quick Hit Leadercast Learnings #1

Posted: May 5, 2010 in Leadership

As mentioned in an earlier blog I have learned a number of leadership lessons from past Leadercast.

Make sure not to miss this year’s event, this Friday May 7th.

Check it out here:

Chick-fil-A Leadercast

Some highlights from past events:

Liz Murray

  • One lesson I learned in life is my life is my responsibility. No one owes me anything.
  • What we look for depends on where our hearts are.
  • We are not promised “laters”.
  • Disempowered people blame and concern themselves with the past.
  • Empowered people look forward to what’s next and refuse to point fingers.
  • What transforms life? One empowered choice after another.

Taking Action:

  • Think of 3 self-created obstacles blocking your advancement. Take 3 rocks and write each obstacle on a rock and place on your desk as a reminder not to allow obstacles to stop you from reaching your goals.
  • List your “laters”, this can be any activities or conversations you have been putting off.  Take a week of your life and come to work 30 minutes early to tackle some of the “laters” on your list.

Al Weiss

  • As a leader it is my goal to empower those I lead to achieve their fullest potential.
  • Servant Leader=“Caring about your development as much as I do my own”.
  • Being a servant leader does not weaken your ability to be the boss.
  • Set a list of priorities and live by them, when you focus on them the rest will fall into place.
  • Undisciplined=Out of Shape ” Put discipline into place and use it to your fullest advantage”.
  • No way to add hours to a day, but can use hours more effectively.
  • Invest in those you lead.

Tony Blair

  • Have to have courage to lead.
  • You have to do what you believe is right vs. trying to please everyone.
  • Leaders must be ready to make a decision & assume responsibility for it.
  • Leaders stand up when other stand back.
  • Most important leadership trait for me=Reliability!
  • Honesty is required to successfully lead people through changes during challenging times and you must also inspire them with hope that they can get through it.
  • 3 Key Leadership Traits: 1) Self-Belief 2)Hard Work 3) Ability to rise from failure

If you assume a leadership role your give up any rights to self-pity. Impossible to lead and moan simultaneously. You make a choice to lead so don’t spend time complaining about any burdens of being in charge.


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