Micromanagement & The Fruit Farm

Posted: April 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Do you micromanage your team?

  • Micromanagement is very common in business today.  Many leaders spend way too much time several levels below their area of responsibility managing common task way below their pay grade.
  • This type of poor leadership behavior leads to ineffective leadership that causes the organization to suffer from lack of clearly defined roles. A  leader should consistently and persistently push activities down to the lowest level of competence. This will allow the leader to concentrate on his areas of expertise and responsibility more effectively.
  • When a leader fails to effectively delegate responsibility to his team members he hinders their growth and development weakening the organization.
The Fruit Farm

The PDF link below is a story a former boss of mine, Brazilian Native Jose Baptista, shared with me a number of years ago to illustrate the perils micromanaging can have on any organization.
  • Are you a micromanager?

  • Are you hindering your organization’s maximum effectiveness by interfering with details that could be effectively handled by someone several levels down in the organization?


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