Joining Blogging World

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I have decided to join the blogging world after resisting it for some time. A number of friends have encouraged me to publish some of my thoughts on leadership issues  in such a forum as this and so here I am.  My hope is to provide encouragement, insight and direction to those seeking to learn how to be a better leader.  I have studied leadership for nearly 20 years and tried to learn by reading books, practicing leadership at home, church and work, listening to and learning from established leaders and observing other effective leaders in action.

I will primarily focus on sharing what I learn from books I read, podcast I listen to, classes & seminars I attend, along with some personal experiences at work and home. My perspective will be that of a Christ follower who desires to serve others through this blog. I also hope to learn from you the readers as you comment, make book suggestions etc.,

I will begin my blogging journey by discussing a book I read every year and has become a core component to my leadership and management practices. The book is Jim Collins’ Good To Great. I have gleaned much from this book the last few years and I continue to learn from this valuable resource as I seek to practice what it teaches about leading great organizations.

So I hope you will come along and join my blogging world and we can learn together how to be better leaders that influence our organizations in positive ways effecting change that move our teams forward.


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